Directed By - Benjamin Arfmann  |  Produced by - JP Castel

In 1998 Sheriff's Deputy Kyle Dinkheller pulled over a speeding pick-up truck. The driver was Andrew Brannan. Brannan had an M1 rifle in his car. Dinkheller and Brannan argued, and Brannan pulled his rifle. This film, shot in first person POV, is 6 1/2 minutes from the life of Officer Dinkheller.

Directed By - Jeremy White  |  Produced by - Jesse Maiman  |  Unit Production Manger - JP Castel

"The Heday of the insensitve Bastards" is based on the short story by Robert Boswell and was produced by James Franco and Rabbit Bandini Productions. This film is part of a collection of short stories from Boswell's book which was developed in colloberation with the UCLA Film & Televsion School and will be presented as a feature-length film next year.

Directed By - Kyle Lau  |  Produced by - JP Castel  |  Director of Photography - Yusuke Sato

In a town divided by race and social class, the loss of a job due to outsourcing becomes the final straw in the city of Fairmont. This Dramatic-Comedy explores the ideas of perception, racism and attempts to answer the age-old question of whether of not the grass on the other side is truly “Greener.”

Directed & Produced - JP Castel  |  Director of Photography - Yusuke Sato

In the summer 2009, a filmmaking team from Apex Cinema traveled to Peru for two months. In conjunction with the University of California Los Angeles Cotsen Archaeology Department, a feature-length documentary was produced exploring the culture and people of the Andes region in Peru. The team had access to world-famous sites including Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman, and the city of Cusco. 

Directed By - Yusuke Sato  |  Produced by - JP Castel

"This Dream of Ours" is a Visual Composition of Ochi Etsujin, An Aging Japanese Poet From the Edo Period. His calm and controlled nature hides his fear of accepting his fate. Meditating in the silence of a winter night, he writes a “Farewell poem to life”. At this awakening moment, Etsujin’s final haiku presents a crystalline moment of being in the world. Longing under a shadow of cheery blossoms. He wishes to die in harmony with nature. 

Directed & Produced by - JP Castel  |  Director of Photography - Yusuke Sato

A young man raised in the urban community of Los Angeles is facing a critical crossroad in his maturity. After losing his job in the downsizing of the economy, Joshua McGowan is forced to make a choice to support his marriage. Joshua experiences the full pressure of societal conditions and is searching for relief and meaning to his circumstances. Tempted to re-enter a life of illegal hustling, he is given a much needed perspective. He is lead inside the lives of various individuals during the critical moments to understand the weight of the decisions they made and their underlying motives. His life is now within his own hands. Will he choose the righteous path or become just another lost soul?

Directed by - Brian L. Tan |  Executive Producer - JP Castel

After successful heist on the mob, 5 robbers meet at their rendezvous location. One of them suddenly doubles over dead. Suspecting a rat in their midst with the arrival of SWAT teams via helicopters imminent, accusations fly and conflicting personalities clash in a heated standoff that could very well spell life and death for all involved.

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