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Directed by - Jacqueline Castel | Produced by - JP Castel

Stylist: Jenni Hensler
Stylist Assistants: Sheyna Imm & Ariana Paoletti

Make-Up For Nika: Robert Greene
Make-Up Assistant For Nika: Laura Stiassini 
Make-Up For Dancers: Leilani Sunglao & Lucille Bignom

Hair Stylist: Clark Phillips 
Hair Stylist Assistant: Gunther Allspach

Production Designer: Zev Deans
Set Dresser: Max Isaacson

Choreographer: Vanessa Walters

Tuixén Benet Cosculluela
Stephanie Dixon 
Sarah Donnelly
Brighid Greene 
Madison Krekel
Casey Loomis
Marissa Maislen 
Margherita Bergamo Meneghini
Mahalia Miner-Le Grand 
Juri Onuki 
Alexis Silver 
Ede Thurell 

Gaffer: Fletcher Wolfe
Best Boy Electric: Raina Oberlin
Electric: Deanna Covello 
Grip: Abe Dolinger 

Nika's Wardrobe Provided By: 
Vilsbol de Arce: Bodysuit & Jacket 
Katie Gallagher: Leggings 
Chromat: Cage Skirt 
Hollow Dancer: Jewelry 
Jenni Hensler: Belt & Shoulder Piece


The director Jacqueline Castel tells us about the making of and the ideas behind the music video here...


For 'Seekir', Nika [Zola Jesus] and I were interested in exploring the framework of a pop music video. While practically and aesthetically the video needed to remain minimal, it felt important to flesh it out conceptually. Like any great pop song or video, the goal was to communicate complexity through simplicity – for us, that was done via deceivingly advanced dance choreography and by weaving a complex philosophical thread throughout the video, even if on the surface level we were conforming to a basic pop video formula.


To further link the organic and the technical, the images at the beginning and end of the video were created by shooting slow motion macro photography of milk dispersing in a tank of water. My brother (and producer) JP and I filmed late into the night, watching the intricacy of patterns emerge from underneath the water. Each drop seemed to reveal the universe in miniature, the violent creation of the cosmos, the birth of a star.

Running time: 03:45 - Premiered on DAZED DIGITAL





Director of Photography: Jacqueline Castel
Assistant Camera: JP Castel

Behind The Scenes Photography: Leilani Sunglao 
Behind The Scenes Videography: Tiffany Frances

Craft Services: Raheem Vaziralli

Edit, SFX, & Color Correct: Jacqueline Castel

Extra Special Thanks:
Windmill Studios, Tony Borden & Max Knies of Greencard Pictures 

Producer's Notes

It's always a pleasure working with my sister Jacqueline.


"The eerie, washed-out video for Zola Jesus's single "Seekir" sounds cerebral, the video itself is perfectly visceral."


"It’s a piece of the sort of angelically mysterious imagery that Zola Jesus is so good at, and it fits the song beautifully. Jacqueline Castel directs."

Jul 9th '12 by  @ 11:50am

"Zola Jesus has shared the new video for her Conatus track "Seekir" which is a mix of old-school MTV pop choreography and minimal, otherworldly imagery."

By Jenn Pelly and Amy Phillips on July 9, 2012 at 10:12 a.m.


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