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USC - School of Cinematic Arts Overview Video

Client - USC School of Cinematic Arts | Directed by - Cassandra Brooksbank | Produced by - JP Castel & Tristan Deburgh

The USC SCA Overview Video was developed in collaboration with the USC School of Cinematic Arts Public Relations & Admissions departments and is the main promotional material for on-the-road and online marketing. The project features the many growing fields of study at the university as well as industry renowned alumni who have helped shaped USC to be one of "the best film schools in the world."

Chase Car Inc. Commercials

Client - Chase Car Inc. & Porsche | Directed by - Brian L. Tan | Produced by - JP Castel

The Chase Car series is a four part project shot at the International Willow Springs Raceway and highlights the peak performance of the new Chase Car Panamera. With lower center of gravity and a top speed beyond 100 mph the Chase Panamera is pushing the boudaries of camera cars. This project was developed in collaberation with Bevereley Hills Porsche.

The Last Stand - 

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he'd be back. Ten years after his last starring role, the seven-time Mr. Olympia and former governor of California is making good on that iconic statement. recently caught up with the living, working legend to talk about The Last Stand, training, getting old, and more. Welcome back, Oak. It's good to see you again.

Client - & Lionsgate | Directed by - Cassandra Brooksbank | Produced by - JP Castel

The Andes - A Moment of Peru

In the summer 2009, a filmmaking team from Apex Cinema traveled to Peru for two months. In conjunction with the University of California Los Angeles Cotsen Archaeology Department, a feature-length documentary was produced exploring the culture and people of the Andes region in Peru. The team had access to world-famous sites including Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman, and the city of Cusco. 

Client - UCLA  & Smithsonian Museum | Directed & Produced by - JP Castel | Director of Photography - Yusuke Sato

UCLA Archaeology Field Program - Education Through Experience 

The UCLA Archaeology Field Program is an eleven part series documenting 16 students who participated in the UCLA field school in Cuzco, Peru. These students learned and experienced the culture and history of the Andes in an extrordinary and intensive two month program. The project was developed in collaboration with the UCLA School of Archaeology under UCLA Professor & Executive Producer Dr. Alexei Vranich.

Client - UCLA School of Archeology | Created by - Yusuke Sato & JP Castel

Audi Driving Experience

Client - Audi Driving Experience & FPS | Directed by - Brian L. Tan | Produced by - JP Castel

Tokyo Police Club - In a Cave - UCLA

Client - UCLA CEC & FPS | Created By - JP Castel

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